The political framework conditions need to be right
Whether Germany as an industrial nation succeeds in turning Industrie 4.0 into a business model depends on more than just the companies – important framework conditions need to be agreed with policy-makers and society.
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Dr. Beate Stahl
Dr. Beate Stahl
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Digitalization is changing everything
Digitalization will affect and shape all sectors of industry. Be it a revolution or an evolutionary process – each and every company must find its way to Industrie 4.0.
Innovationen made in NRW – Chancen der Digitalisierung
Wie Unternehmen der Weg in die Digitalisierung gelingen kann, zeigt das Magazin „Innovationen made in NRW – Chancen der Digitalisierung“. Experten berichten über Best Practices und smarte Erfolgsgeschichten aus ihren Unternehmen.