Standardization & Industrie 4.0
Industrie 4.0 needs standards that mesh together like gear wheels. Together with its partners, the VDMA is driving forward the standardization process both nationally and internationally.
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I4.0 Component

"Industrie 4.0 Component" integrates products and machines
Every product, every component and every machine integrated in future´s smart production will have an representative digital component.
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RAMI 4.0

Framework "RAMI 4.0" creates structure
With the "Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0" (RAMI 4.0) developed by the German Plattform Industrie 4.0, a framework was created to structure existing standards and technologies in a manageable way.
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Interoperability through standardized features
The guideline "Interoperability through standardized features" shows how messages can be semanticized, how structures between components can be described in different views, and how identifiers can be used to uniquely identify objects worldwide.
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The new VDMA homepage with the topic OPC UA Companion Specifications provides a central overview of current activities on OPC UA in the VDMA. The target group are OPC UA-affine interested parties who would like to inform themselves about existing working groups, their goals and composition, OPC UA Companion Specifications and current news.
After the kick-off on 22 February 2019 this working group wants to present the umati (universal machine tool interface) OPC UA Companion Specification as Release Candidate until EMO 2019.
Machines have to speak the same language in the Future´s smart factories. The decisive factor here is the standardization of communication interfaces. Therefore, the VDMA is currently developing industry-specific OPC UA Companion Specifications and has just released the OPC UA Companion Specifications for Robotics and Machine Vision.
Uniform interfaces are an important prerequisite on the way to Industrie 4.0. For the industry, FVA e.V., the German Research Association for Drive Technology, provides a free-available interface for the exchange of gearbox data.
OPC UA is an open interface standard that defines the mechanisms of cooperation in the industrial environment. The VDMA prioritizes its activities on this interface standard and gives an important orientation to the machine and plant engineering sector. The VDMA guideline “Industrie 4.0 Communication Guideline based on OPC UA” shows action steps that help to implement Industrie 4.0 communication in the company.
VDMA integrates the sector-specific developments around Industry 4.0 and takes up the needs of the companies. One way of considering the needs of small and medium sized enterprises is the active development of Industrie 4.0 standards. The brochure "Standardization & Industry 4.0" gives you an overview of the VDMA activities.
Dr. Christian Mosch
Dr. Christian Mosch
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Andreas Faath
Andreas Faath
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Integrated Future of Industry
Uniform interfaces are an important prerequisite on the way to Industrie 4.0. VDMA is currently focusing on the interface standard OPC UA. This standard should make Industrie 4.0 viable in a few defined steps. A review.
Startup Summit offers platform for mechanical engineers and science startups
Learning from concentrated startup expertise and meeting the best science startups - at the first joint startup summit of VDMA Startup-Machine and Fraunhofer Venture on 20/21 May 2019 in Berlin.